Conference venue

The ECPA15 conference will be held at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), in building D. The venue is located on the VUB Etterbeek campus, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels
(GPS N 50.821806 ; E 4.394564). ECPA15 signs will help you to find your way on campus.

Important notice!
There are 2 different universities next to each other: the venue is at the VUB, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Dutch for Free University Brussels), the other university is the ULB, Université Libre de Bruxelles (French for Free University Brussels). The VUB is closer to the center of Brussels, near the train station Etterbeek, at the Boulevard General Jacques, the ULB is near the metro/train station Delta.

How to access the VUB campus

  • By train: Etterbeek (or Delta) Station
  • By metro/bus/tramway:
    • STIB-MIVB Trams 7 and 25 (stop VUB)
    • STIB-MIVB Metro 5 (stop Petillon or Delta)
    • STIB-MIVB Bus 95 (Etterbeek Station) or bus 34 (stop Strategie)
    • De Lijn Bus 341, 343, 348 or 349 (stop VUB)
    • TEC Bus C (stop VUB) or E (stop Strategie)
  • By car: Entrance Campus Pleinlaan (not Triomflaan)

Official language

The official language at the conference is English. However, on the VUB campus, the major language is Dutch, although most people will be comfortable in English too. In Brussels, French is a common language as well.


The weather in Brussels is usually nice in July, about 20°C. However, Belgium is well-known for its gray skies. A drop of rain is always possible, but the weather can be really nice just as well.


Eduroam (WiFi) is available in and around all buildings on campus. Participants who have no access to Eduroam can connect using the guest login that is provided with your conference badge. WiFi access for guest accounts is limited to the duration of the conference.

Lunches and coffee breaks

The Get-Together Party, all lunches and coffee breaks are included in the conference fee. Coffee breaks are served in building D groundfloor, lunches are in the student restaurant at about 100 m from the venue (when leaving building D, go right towards building F).

Papers and Posters

Oral presentations: A computer (Windows) for PowerPoint presentations is available in each conference room. Please mail your slides timely to or bring your slides to the registration desk in the morning before your talk  (please check the program overview). Please rename your file as follows: SessionX.X_YourName.pptx. Slides will be downloaded to the computer in the conference room where your presentation is scheduled.

Posters:  The poster session is on Monday, 8 July, 15:00 to 16:00. However, posters (up to A0 format) can be put up earlier, from Monday 8 July, 9:00 onwards. Posters can remain exposed during the entire conference.

Social Program


On Sunday evening 7 July, 19:30, after the Opening session, participants are welcomed with an informal walking dinner (included).

Conference dinner

The conference dinner (Tuesday 19:00-22:00) is in restaurant “l’Improbable” (Eugène Cattoirstraat 5, 1050 Elsene) at walking distance (600m) from the venue (not included in conference fee, special registration required).